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Flower Arrangements Formed With Passion
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Petals & Vino


About Us

I'm May, the originator of Petals & Vino. Petals & Vino aims to bring you something beautiful, stylish and unique. Each individual at one of our flower arranging events will be able to learn the art and design of forming a beautiful arrangement. Each person will walk away with not only the knowledge of how to care for their flowers but will be able to take home the beautiful arrangement they've made.

All of our flowers come from beautiful PASTUREs of Colombia. also, you'll get a different arrangement of beautiful flowers based on the season. That means that each time you take the class you'll get a gorgeous, unique new arrangement.

Petals & Vino not only provides these classes as a great reason for a girls night out, our company also provides our unique events for Bridal Showers, Weddings, Birthday Parties and private events.

We are based in Richmond, VA but will travel as well.

Check our calendar page for upcoming events or contact us to tell us about one you would like to have.



May Barbosa Founder

May Barbosa